Will pubs close again in the UK?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce a series of new measures Tuesday, amid increasing cases in the country.

One of the countries where Corona virus has increased its spread rate in Europe is UK. Reaching a much higher number of cases than in the past months prompts the government to take some new measures.

After the banning of groups of 6 people from gathering, now, those who violate the quarantine rules consecutively are starting to give a fine of 10 thousand pounds. People who test positive and do not put themselves in quarantine can be fined up to £ 1000 in the first time, and up to £ 10,000 if they repeat it later. This application will start on September 28 in England, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales.

On the other hand, with the increase in the number of cases, Prime Minister Johnson is expected to make a statement on Tuesday.

It is thought that the most important point in the statements of the Prime Minister to the press about the new preventers will be the sections about the working hours of the bars and pubs. While an explanation that these hours may be restricted is expected to come more, it is believed that it is very unlikely that bars and pubs will be closed at the current point.

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Another measure considered to be taken to prevent Covid in the UK is to prevent individuals with family ties from coming together.