Being a UK citizen is getting harder!

The UK Government, which has recently changed its Ankara Agreement, is signaling new changes in citizenship.

British Interior Minister Sajid Javid announced that the level of knowledge of the citizens of the country and English should be higher, and that they have begun work on the amendment.

Speaking at the fall congress of the Conservative Party in Birmingham, the Minister said that the spoken language is very important for integration, so they will ask the adults who apply for citizenship to have high levels of knowing and speaking English.

Javid stressed that language skills play a key role in helping adults and their families adapt to Britain. 

Minister Javid said that there was no difference between the level of English knowledge required for obtaining a residence permit and what was necessary for citizenship.

Minister of Internal Affairs Javid said that in new applications, those who have another citizenship other than UK citizenship may lose their British citizenship if they are involved in major crimes in these other nationalities. Javid, added that the UK has used his authority for these situations so far only for special cases, for the first time, UK will use this power for some of those who have been convicted of serious crimes. Among these crimes, there will be people involved in the sexual abuse of children.

In the UK it is enough to know English at the level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) at the level of B1 for  citizenship.