Divorce decisions in foreign countries.

Foreign regulations on the recognition of the divorce judgment by the courts in Turkey was published in the Official Gazette. This situation has been eliminated for our citizens who have been living abroad for many years.

According to experts who talk about divorce decisions, the need for the application to be published in the Official Gazette will meet a very large need. So a new era began in a matter of direct concern to tens of thousands of people. This is a pleasing development both for our related institutions and for the citizens who have problems. 

For that matter it will be registered without the need to open a separate case in Turkey of the divorce decree issued by foreign courts. For this, the necessary legal amendments were made in the Population Services Law. In this context, the publication of the regulation in the Official Gazette, which is needed in order to start the implementation, was the last stage. After the necessary instructions for the new application have been reached by the relevant foreign representatives and governorships, our citizens will be able to apply for the recognition of the divorce decision.

The implementation of a facilitation method in this matter that directly concerns our tens of thousands of people is a very pleasing development for both our institutions and citizens who have problems.

After that, the divorce decisions taken by the judicial or administrative authorities of a foreign country shall be registered directly with the applications to the Consulates General in Turkey and to the Provincial Population and Citizenship Directorates. The registration of the divorce order and the documents required for this are also specified in the regulation. In the case of divorce decisions, a lawsuit may be filed for the recognition or enforcement of the decision to the competent courts concerning custody, participation in child support, personal relationship with the child, property regime and compensation.

With the new implementation, the problems experienced in the context of the recognition of the divorce decisions taken abroad will be eliminated. The application will also bring time and cost savings for both the citizen and the organization. The way to remarry is going to open and there will be no problems due to the official marriage.



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