The British Times reported on the visa crisis between the United States and Turkey. The newspaper commented on the crisis, “the greatest political coldness between the two NATO allies.” The Times reported that Ankara thought that the arrested Metin Topuz was linked to Fethullah Gulen, the terrorist organization. In the near future, President Erdogan’s statement that “an American religious man arrested in Turkey in response to Gülen could be exchanged “.

Experts draw attention to the critical point in the visa crisis experienced with the US:

1 – In the negotiations, the US did not give any indication as to how long the visa transactions were suspended.

2 – Diplomatic and official passports are normally covered by non-immigrant visas. Ankara specifically wanted to explain about this. However, the United States has not responded to an exemption from diplomatic passports in this regard.

3 – Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was also asked to meet with his counterpart Rex Tillerson. However, there is no confirmation that this meeting has been achieved.

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Along with these important points coming to light in the coming days, the direction of the negative atmosphere will become more and more evident.

Upon the announcement that the United States has suspended non-immigrant visa services in all US diplomatic missions in Turkey, Turkey’s Embassy in Washington stated that “visas for US citizens in all our missions in the US have been suspended.”