US Embassy in Ankara, on 21.12.2017, after the normalization of the visa process with Turkey had announced that Turkish citizens can request an emergency meeting.

In the statement made by the US Embassy in Ankara with the official Twitter account and website, it is noted that the application of the restricted visa application for Turkish citizens has been withdrawn since December 28th.

The report, which took place in the Voice of the United States, provided a wide range of explanations for the answers to current questions on the issue. “From 28 December, nonimmigrant visa procedures have been opened to full capacity, and our Embassy in Ankara and the Consulate General in Istanbul have begun to make additional appointments in addition to current visa appointments. This includes all nonimmigrant visa types. “

In addition, the Embassy also declared that Turkish citizens were granted the possibility of an emergency meeting request in urgency to the USA. To do so, they are required to log in to the profile page at

“Since October, the Government of Turkey has adhered to the high-level assurances it provided to the United States that there are no additional local employees of our Mission in Turkey under investigation, that local staff of our Embassy and consulates will not be detained or arrested for performing their official duties – including communicating with Turkish officials also working in an official capacity – and that Turkish authorities will inform the U.S. government in advance if the Government of Turkey intends to detain or arrest any member of our local staff in the future.

Based on adherence to these assurances, the Department of State is confident that the security posture has improved sufficiently to allow for the full resumption of visa services in Turkey. We continue to have serious concerns about the existing allegations against arrested local employees of our Mission in Turkey. We are also concerned about cases against U.S. citizens who have been arrested under the state of emergency. U.S. officials will continue to engage with their Turkish counterparts to seek a satisfactory resolution of these cases.”



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