This news is for those who think about buying a home abroad!

Turkish citizens are more willing than ever to buy a home from abroad. However, their research before they start is more important than bringing money together for the house.

From which country I should buy, what are the conditions, and I have a series of questions that need to be answered in the first place. Here we have compiled a survey of your questions.

In the country where you are planning to invest in real estate, search the interest of those who are in a foreign position for that country like you.

The European Statistical Office, or in short Eurostat, is a head office in the European Commission and headquartered in Luxembourg. The main objective of the institution is to provide statistical information to the European Union through surveys conducted throughout Europe. This institution has recently published data on homeowners in EU countries.

In this data, the share of domestic and foreign nationals living in an EU country was published.

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While 70.6% of the nationals aged between 20 and 64 years live in their own homes, this rate is 30.1% for foreign nationals.

EU countries with the highest home ownership among the local citizens are Romania (95.6%), Croatia (89.9) and Lithuania (89.9), Estonia (85.4%) and Croatia (82.4%). Italy, Austria and Slovenia follow these countries.

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