The report, which explains “the country whose millionaires migrate most in 2016”, of New World Wealth, a global market research company, has been released recently. With the report, it became clear that the millionaires’ country choice to migrate mostly around the world.

According to the results of the New World Wealth report, only 64,000 million people were migrated in 2015 and 82,000 million people in 2016. It is expected that this number will be 100 thousand million in the next few years.

Australia, the United States and England were the countries most preferred by millions, get ahead the traditional destinations. Australia became the center of attraction for millionaires in 2016 with the “gold-ticket” investor visa program. The USA ranks second with 10 thousand millionaires after Australia. While Canada is the country that attracts Chinese millionaires most, Vancouver is the region of choice for millionaires in China. Millionaires from Europe used their preferences for Toronto and Montreal.

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France was at the head of the most millionaire-lost countries. China followed by France and Brazil.

Millionaires, who avoid serious political and economic troubles, prefer to migrate from the regions, where the probability of terrorism, religious violence increases.

The millionaires migrate around the world is in the below:

Millionaires migrate, too - Detail