Metro Stations Going to High Salary in London!

    We know that there are people who have long dreamed of going abroad and looking for a job in there.

    For those who are in this situation and are looking for work in London, there are important details in the job search site Adzuna’s research. While doing the site research, it started to work with the most preferred means of transportation to the work: the metro stops.

    The average annual salary of the workplaces around the metro stops was taken into consideration and a very serious analysis was revealed in the research. Considering the fact that there are about 250,000 members of staff in London, the importance of the site’s research can be understood. The workplaces selected for the research for the year 2017 have been paid attention to be near 500m to metro stops.


    Some of the data obtained from the research was very interesting;

    The most paid workplaces in London are in zone 1. The average annual salary of businesses close to the metro stations within this zone is 45.982 £. In this zone, the most paying workplaces are close to the Barbican metro station and these employers pay an average of £ 52,721 per year to their employees. The other stations, which follow the first Barbican and whose salary average is between £ 50,000 are on Monument, Bank, Cannon Street and St. Paulsen. These stations are followed by Westminster, James’s Park, Charing Croos, Embankment and Oxford Circus.

    Although there is no mileage between the 1st and 2nd zones, it is not possible to say the same in terms of the difference between salaries. The average annual salary of the first zone is £ 45,982, while the average salary of the second zone is £ 32,611.

    In London, Kensington and Knightsbridge, which are constantly spoken, with top-level shops and houses sold to millions of pounds, the average salary is below £ 30,000.

    As we move away from the center, there are significant differences in employee earnings. For example, there is an astronomical difference, such as £ 20,965 between the 1st and 9th zone employees. However, the biggest exception here is the 8th. The employers in this zone have a salary average above the 3rd zone with an average salary of 30,479 pounds.

    Besides the best ones, of course, there are the worsts. Metro stations where the worst salary workers are in and their annual payouts are as follows; Uxbridge (£ 21,786), Hounslow Central (£ 22,473), Hounslow West (£ 22,473), Elm Park (£ 22,565)