How many foreigners received a “Turkey visa”?

Yes, you did not read it wrong. Foreigners are needed to get a Turkish visa in order to visit Turkey. The number of visa applications and the amounts paid for it is very high.

While waiting in visa queues with thick files on our hands, sharing all our personal  information, paying astronomical figures paid for visa fees, we have a lot of things to say in mind.

From April 17, 2013, when the Electronic Visa Application System (e-Visa) was introduced to prevent the queues at border gates and airports, 20 million 485 thousand 631 foreigners got a visa.

The countries that applied Turkis visa most are England, Iraq, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. While the Saudi Arabia was listed above the United States, the number of visa submission from sthe People’s Republic of China, Norway and Kuwait were lower.

Turkey has obtained revenue of 457 million 78 thousand 762 dollars from e-Visas system. Here are the countries with the number of visa applications (2013-2018):

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1 – UK 5.7 million
2 – Iraq 2.6 million
3 – Netherlands – 2.1 million
4 – Belgium 1.1 million
5 – Poland – 1 million
6 – Saudi Arabia – 1 million
7 – U.S. – 856 thousand
8 – People’s Republic of China – 734 thousand
9 – Norway – 662 thousand
10 – Kuwait – 620 thousand