The Lord of the Passports: Singaporean Passport

The Lord of the Passports Singaporean Passport

It is extremely important that the passport that you have if you travel abroad. How much freedom do you have with your passport? How many countries can you visit without a visa? All of these determine the strength of a passports.

Comparing the passports of countries around the world, the website Passport Index announced that Singapore had the most powerful passport in the world, with the removal of restrictions from Paraguay on Singapore. It the first time an Asian country had the world’s strongest passport.

With a population of around 3.4 million, Singapore citizens can travel to 159 countries without a visa, or they can get visas at the border.

The Lord of the Passports Singaporean Passport
The Lord of the Passports Singaporean Passport

Listed in the second rank, citizens of Germany are able to travel to 158 countries without a visa, while Germany is followed Sweden and South Koreans. The United Kingdom ranked fourth with visa-free travel to 156 countries.

The US ranks 6th with Malaysia, Ireland and Canada. The US visa crisis, which happened between Turkey and Turkey, was also effective. The two countries mutually accepted visa applications.

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Turkey, with its citizens can go to 104 countries without a visa, is 44th in the list with Nicaragua.

At the end of the list, Afghanistan has only 22 countries with visa-free travel.

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