The Maldives, a country of 1,200 small islands in the Indian Ocean, are now one of the frequently preferred destinations, especially for honeymooners. The closest countries to Maldives are Sri Lanka and India. It is possible to reach the Maldives’ capital, Male, by approximately 8 hours flight from Turkey. You can find detailed information about the Maldives in our article.

Malviler Hairtası

Maldives. How do I get a Maldivian visa? Do Maldives require a visa for Turkish citizens? Activities in Maldives. How to go to the Maldives?

Information about Maldives

In Maldives the majority of the hotels are villas over the water.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Su Üzeri Otel

Sea water temperature is constant throughout the year and is around 25 degrees.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Deniz Suyu Sıcaklığı

With almost 100% of the Muslim population, this country has a Maldivian language and it is possible to interact with many people in English.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Maldivler Halkı

The island’s seafood is very famous and it is possible to find almost any kind of seafood.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Deniz Mahsülleri

There are only bicycles on the roads. Just like the Princess Islands of Istanbul 🙂

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Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Bisiklet

The island is suitable for all kinds of water sports. Diving and surfing are the main water sports in the island.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Deniz Sporları

Fishing is among the activities done by tourists in the island.

Pole and line fishermen land skipjack tuna in the Maldives. Pole and line fishing is a selective, sustainable and equitable method of catching tuna. Greenpeace is on an expedition in the Indian Ocean to expose overfishing and to highlight the problems associated with excessive tuna fishing, unsustainable and illegal fishing practices.

Good news. Maldives do not demand visa from Turkish citizens.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Vize

The flight time from Istanbul to Maldives is 8 hours and 10 minutes. The prices are not very variable but vary between TL 2,500 – TL 3,000.

Maldivler Hakkında Bilgi- Thy