India introduces electronic visa application

India was one of the most important participants of the World Tourism Fair which is one of the most important exhibitors of the world tourism industry hosted by the UK.
Located in London as a partner country with UK hosted in 37th World Tourism Fair, India has also introduced an electronic visa opportunity that has been expanded to provide tourists with faster and easier travel.

India introduces electronic visa application in London1

Indian Tourism Minister Vinod Zutshi said, “Anyone sitting in his seat in his home can get his electronic visa at his e-mail address within three days of filling out a form on his computer and sending it to the relevant office.

Despite having breathtaking tourist spots in India, the tourism industry had a low level of presence. The complicated visa application procedure caused great damage to the tourism of the country. Despite all the hardships, India has managed to become one of the top ten tourism countries in Asia.

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The new E-Visa policy has opened the doors to 150 countries, providing astronomical increase in Indian tourism. Between January – September 2016, the number of tourists showed a 200% increase compared to last year. The major countries that send the most tourists to India are the United Kingdom, the United States, China and other European countries.

The visa can be issued for a maximum of 12 months, while the E-visa applies to a single entry for 30 days.

Local tour operators and other members of the industry say they are extremely satisfied with system and believe that the number of tourists coming to India will increase day by day.

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