How to Get New Biometric Passports

The new period in passports started as of 1 November. So what changes have been made in the passports? Should everyone change their passports?  Passports, which include fingerprints aim to make it easier for Turkish citizens to go abroad. From now on, you can easily apply for these new biometric passports.

How to Get New Biometric Passports2

It is important that citizens of the Republic of Turkey get new passports that are compatible with the European Union because it is one of the first conditions for travel to Schengen member countries without a visa. In addition to the biometric data and fingerprints of the passport holders, their name, surname, place of birth and date, nationality, identity and passport number of the passports, as well as the personal information of the sexes will be included. The only thing that is noticeable in passports that will remain the same will be a thick material along that will be placed on the back cover. So how do you apply for new passports?

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After you have made an appointment at e-passport at or after you have made an appointment with your passport application department, you can continue your passport process with the police department of the province you you chose while the process of appointment. Do not forget to take your identity card and two photographs when you apply. The process ends after fingerprinting. The new passpoort is sent through PTT channel to citizens in 3-7 days. Those with visas of any country can continue to use their visas without losing their rights with this renewal.