Expected date for visa-free entry to Russia is 2017

 MOSCOW – RUSSIA | 15.12.2016 – 21:11 


The process of normalization of relations between Turkey and Russia continues. Visas and customs problems experienced by Turkish companies working in Russia have been overcome. The most recent date for visa-free travel by Turkish citizens to Russia is expected to be the summer of 2017.

The process for overcoming the political tension between Turkey and Russia continues at full speed. Firms say that the pressures are over but the problem is still exist for the work visa and customs and that quota removal for citrus is not enough because it does not cover many agricultural products.

During the last trip of Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yıldırım to Russia, it is stated that “Turkey should not be categorized as dangerous countries to visit by Russia”.

President of the Association of Industrialists and Businessmen of Laleli (LASIAD) Gıyasettin Eyyupkoca, who participated in the visit to Russia, said “Our Turkish firms in Russia can not get a working visa. However there are positive developments.”

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Eyyupkoca said that after the second half of 2017, steps towards visa-free travel seems possible.

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