English Proficiency in Europe and The World

English first (EF) is an organization that measures the competence of English education and delivery around the world. According to this organization’s report this year, the Netherlands was the best country in this language among countries whose native language is not English. Denmark and Finland took the second and third places.

Turkey and Azerbaijan are the two countries that dominate the rankings the least English throughout the Europe.

EF’s 2020 English Proficiency Index includes 100 countries. Turkey is 69th on the list of 100 countries. Turkey was in the’ low level ‘ category.

The top five countries that speak English best are Scandinavian and Northern European countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. The list was followed by Austria, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Singapore.

Tajikistan, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan are at the end of this list.