English people who decided to leave European Union have rapidly started to take German citizenship.

According to the statement made by the Statistics Bureau of Germany; last year 110 thousand 383 people took German citizenship. The number of citizenship increased by about 3 thousand compared to the previous year, while the rate rose by 2.9 percent. It is a known fact that the strong German economy is a huge influence.

English people take German citizenship

The number of English citizens who took German citizenship increased by 360.6 percent. It is stated that 2 thousand 865 of people who took German citizenship is English. The number of English citizens who took German citizenship was 622 in 2015.

It has been reported that the number of British citizens who passed into the German nationality after the decision of the British to leave the European Union increased rapidly. It is known that the British working in Europe prefer such a way not to lose their jobs.

Last year, 6 thousand 632 Poland, 4 thousand 48 Ukraine, 3 thousand 966 Kosovo and 3 thousand 828 Romanian citizens preferred to took German citizenship. It is seen that the statistics of the average age of citizens taking the citizenship is 33.

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 Interest in taking German citizenship among Turks continues.

In 2016, the Turks took the first place as always in taking German citizenship. The number of Turks taking German citizenship was 16 thousand 290, but a sharp decline compared to the previous year. This decline was the highest rate of 17.3 per cent of the previous year among the other countries that chose German citizenship.

This fall is not caused by the applications, the political events in Turkey caused the decrease in the acceptance of citizenship by German government is among the news.

On the other hand, in order to qualify for citizenship in Germany, you have to live in this country for eight years or be married to a German for six years. Those who apply for citizenship are subject to a general culture and language test.

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