England to require travellers to show negative COVID tests

Everyone (including citizens) who travels to the England after January 8 will be required to show the negative Covid-19 test.

This decision to support border measures was announced on the website www.gov.uk. In the statement, it was stated that international passengers must prove that the COVID-19 test result is negative before arriving in England.

The Covid test will be done at least 72 hours before arriving in the England and the negative result of this test will need to be shown before boarding the plane. It was emphasized that those who want to come to England (including citizens) need to quarantine themselves for 10 days after their travels. All passengers are also required to fill out a passenger placement form before arriving in the England. It is particularly stated that this is extremely critical to be able to monitor the virus in case of any local epidemic.

Those who break all these rules will be fined £ 500.