British company ObjectTech has agreed with the Department of Immigration and Visa of Dubai to develop a special face recognition system for Dubai International Airport which is among the world’s busiest airports.

The system which is expected to enter into application in 2020 allows the face of people, who wait to get their luggage in tunnel, to be scanned with 3D scanning. The information obtained here will be compared to a digital passport. Person that the system recognizes and endorses may go directly to retrieve their luggage without entering the passport control. Tom Morgan from ObjectTech company said if face recognition system can not recognize a person, this person can be taken to passport control at the exit of the tunnel.

It is emphasized that the system includes the information in physical passports, without excepting digital passports, fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition data. The 3D face scanning technology to be performed inside the airport is no stranger to us. This technology, called LIDAR, was previously used by Google in driverless cars.

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Is it the end of long passport queues

This technology, which is described as “Biometric Boundary”, will be followed closely by airports in the UK. It is planned that the longest passport numbers in Heathrow Airport in London used by more than 100 people every day will be reduced to the minimum with this developed technology.

The digital passport created for the system will contain information on the electronic passport, including fingerprints, iris scans and face recognition data.

The number of passengers at Dubai Airport, which is used by 8 million people every month, is expected to increase due to the 2020 Expo event.

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