The Effects of Visa Practices on Tourism in Greece

Drosos Tarnasas, General Manager of TK Travel Hellas, who has been serving in the tourism sector for many years, said that Turkish citizens had difficulty getting Greece visas. Tarnasas stated that this situation will cause negative effects for the citizens of both countries.

Tarnasas, manager of and, made a statement about the visa process imposed by Greece during his visit to Izmir.

Tarnasas stated that strict visa rules imposed on citizens of the Republic of Turkey, may cause adverse effects on relationships. Tarnasas, who emphasized the increase in the number of Turkish tourists coming to the Greek islands, thinks that Turkish tourists visiting Greek islands will increase in the coming periods.

Greek officials are very pleased with the tourists from Turkey. According to Tarnasas, the reason behind the visa sanctions is the European Union.

Greece, struggling with economic problems, does not want to give up Turkish tourists, who makes the biggest portion of the tourism income. With the decisions taken by the European Union in recent years, the tourism potential of the two countries has reached to a level that will be disruptive.

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Tarnasas underlined that the decision of EU has been taken in order to ensure border security. However, Tarnasas stated that Turkey should be treated equally with other countries.