Turkish citizens living in Europe have set out to return to their countries as soon as schools are closed in their countries. Citizens are on their way to our country following Greece and Bulgaria, and their entry at four border gates continues.

The fact that our citizens prefer Kapıkule Border Gate intensively increases the congestion on this point. As a result of this congestion, long queues are formed in Kapıkule.

According to the information we received from the customs authorities, passports and customs procedures are carried out at ten entry points in Kapıkule.

The officials, who stated that there is no staff trouble, explained that the queuing problem due to the increased congestion at the weekends is caused by the fact that the Turkish citizens living abroad enter at the same time to customs and therefore our country.

Citizens abroad are on the way - detail

It must be remembered very clearly that the customs processing of an incoming vehicle lasts for 1.5-2 minutes, but it can not prevent queues over time despite all this fast work, and that this must be included in the plans.

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14 thousand 215 vehicles entering from 4 border gates in 3 days explains the congestion at the border gate.

Police officers, on the other hand, especially point out that our citizens, who are extremely impatient to go to our country, obey the speed limits along the road and do not drive their cars sleepless. In fact, Turkish citizens living abroad travel between 20 and 24 hours on average with their vehicles.



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