Cameron to earn money by speaking at conferences

The former prime minister of UK, David Cameron, who had to resign as a lost side in Brexit, is now speaking at conferences and earning a considerable fee.

When Cameron resigned, many private companies offered him a job to advise. For one of these offers, Cameron is claimed to have received £ 120,000 for a one-hour conversation in the US. In other words, the former prime minister has a one-minute talk worth of 2 thousand pounds.

Cameron to earn money by speaking at conferences

According to the British Independent, during an hour’s talk, Cameron tells listeners how he lived in the House of Representatives in the Downing Street, number 10. It means that the former Prime Minister is earning exactly 2,000 pounds per minute. Considering Cameron earned £ 143,422 per year during his presidency, this is a very profitable business.

It is talked that Cameron has made a conversation at a real estate firm in New York supporting “EU stay-at-home” policy in the Brexit referendum.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has reached a custody of £ 60 million on counseling, real estate investments, and personal business after he left for the retirement. From this point of view it can be said very comfortably that prime ministers started to make money after leaving for the retirement in England.

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