The Brexit strategy became clear

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The legislative debate on the start of the UK’s separation process from the European Union (Brexit) began in the House of Commons. The UK government issued the strategy document for Brexit.

While 12 basic principles are involved, immigration control also strikes the eye as an important principle. Brexit Secretary David Davis said that while Britain was waiting for happier days outside the EU, the main opposition Labor Party announced that the document could not make any meaningful comment because the document said nothing and was published too late. The document was published after the printing of MPs in the House of Commons, which formed the lower wing of the United Kingdom’s legislature.

The Brexit strategy became clear2


It is reported that the documentary, which includes the targets of the British government’s negotiations with the EU in the Brexit negotiations, aims to leave from the common market and customs union of the EU and sign a new free trade agreement with the union.

According to the document, it was not yet possible for the two sides to reach an early agreement on the rights of EU nationals in the UK and the British nationals in the EU countries. However, this is one of the first things the government wants to discuss.

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The Labor Party argues that if the government’s agreement with the EU is unsatisfactory, then there should be the option of sending the government back to the bargaining table.

Brexit negotiations will begin when the British government officially announces that it wants to leave the EU.

The Brexit strategy became clear3


Prime Minister Theresa May announced that he intends to make this declaration before the end of March, and the resolution of the European Union Act, which was prepared to launch Brexit on Wednesday, was adopted by 498 votes against 114.

The draft law will be discussed in more detail by the deputies when it comes to the committee stage in the House of Commons next week.

The Labor Party will try to make some changes in the draft law at this stage.

Tags: Brexit, Labor Party, Theresa May, UK, EU, European Union, Brexit Strategy.