Biometric passport problem for British

British citizens who are going to the United States from England need to have their own e-passports.

In the last three years, 1 million British citizens were not allowed to travel abroad due to passport problems. One of the nine people suffered from being unable to renew their passports in the required time. Travelers are often reminded of the validity of their passports and the need to check their passport and visa requirements before leaving.

Biometric passport problem for British citizens visiting US2

According to a study by Columbus Direct, Britain’s travel insurance company, those who apply for faster passport renewal services pay at least 42.1 percent more than they would normally pay. The standard 32-page adult passport renewal costs £ 72 and the passport renewal time is 3 weeks. If you want to take your passport in a week, you still pay a difference of 42.1% and it costs 103 pounds.

If you want to renew your passport in 1 day, the amount you will pay is 128 pounds with a difference of 76.6 percent. The standard renewal cost for children’s passports is 46 pounds and if you want to take the passport in 1 week, the price is 87 pounds.

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The British spend around 169 million pounds each year to speed up the passport renewal process. Rob Thomas from Coulumbus Direct has made the following statement about the issue: “Going on vacation is as expensive as it costs without extra fees to speed up the passport renewal process. Besides, those who are going on vacation should make necesaary insurance for their travels, as they may have to cancel their vacation due to unforeseen circumstances like illness or court duty. Failing to go on the holiday due to passport problems is not a valid reason for refund, but some insurance agreements involve the theft of passports near the departure dates.

There may be various passport and visa requirements for different countries. For example, the British who are going to the United States must have biometric pasaports. Those who do not have these passports need to apply to the Passport Office. Otherwise they will need to apply for a visa in order to enter the US with their current passports.