Australia to ban visas for asylum seekers

In Australia, the federal government has announced that it has drafted legislation to ban visa for asylum seekers.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he would present the law to the parliament by the end of the week to prevent asylum seekers from being arrested and sent to detention centers after they have been able to reach Australia by boat.

Australia to ban visas for asylum seekers2

Turnbull said it was the strongest warning to human traffickers.

Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten, who is in the main opposition, described the government’s draft law as “ridiculous”. Labor MPs also considered the government trying to bring asylum seekers a lifetime ban on entry into Australia as “excessive”, “evil” and “diseased”.

What does the new law mean?

If the law is enforced, the asylum-seekers at detention centers will not be allowed to come back to Australia even as tourists or businessmen. The bill will be enforced for the adults who came Australia after July 19, 2013. However, children are exempted from this. Asylum seekers, including those who obtain a refugee status after that date, will not be allowed to remain in the country at all. Approximately 3,000 adult refugees and asylum seekers brought to Australia from Manus and Nauru will be directly affected.

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Controversial detention centers: Manus and Nauru

Australia keeps refugees and asylum seekers coming to the country in the Australia, Manus Island of Papua New Guinea and Nauru. Those held in the centers are often subjected to attacks, harassment and encroachment. Non-governmental organizations, stating that the conditions in the controversial centers are not for human.