Application System for Visa Free Entrance

To overcome terrorism and illegal immigration, the EU Commission adopted a new law. According to the law, visa-free visitor who will travel to the Shengen Region firstly must be approved by the European Parliament and the European Union countries.

Application System for Visa Free Entrance2

The ETIAS system, prepared by the European Commission, takes the ESTA as an example, which has been in practice since 2009 in the USA. According to the law, those who come to Europe from the countries where visa liberty is applied like the USA will have to fill in the application form from internet starting from 2020. An application will be made for permission to enter the Schengen countries with the form on which the questions such as identification, travel documents, residence are answered. It is stated that the application will cost 5 euros per person.

In addition, travelers will be asked questions such as whether they have infectious diseases, education and occupational information, whether they have previously been punished, whether they have previously been in war zones, whether they have previously been banned from entering the EU, or have been deported from the EU. The European Union aims to prevent potential terrorists or tourists from entering the EU.

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More than 50 citizens of the country could enter the Schengen country without a visa. Citizens of Turkey and Russia who can enter by visa already will not be affected. Implementation will only affect Turkey if visa liberation is provided.
The system will cost Euro 212 million to the European Union institutions.