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I have been working as a senior manager for many TV channels, radio and internet media, which is a national broadcast in Turkey, and I am still working. Advertising is not a business line for me but a part of my life. I have learned clearly in these many years that the business life must be done honestly and seriously regardless of the work done professionally.


I have traveled to different countries many times and have many friends living in these countries. I have prepared visa files for my travels, and I have experienced how overwhelming and boring these processes are. However, I have clearly learned that if all these visa procedures are not done properly, the consequences will bring about prohibitions that will cause unwanted results. I also witnessed how much effort and money our people in other countries have spent trying to solve their problems. And as a result, I decided to prepare this site.

visatv.co.uk will fill a very important gap in this area.

Of course, while preparing visatv.co.uk, we realized that there are many other issues and there is not a platform to answer them.

We have noticed that there are not so many important issues such as students, tourists, working visas and family reunions, such as obtaining a permit from abroad or extending this permit, and this is unfortunately not the first step to reach this information. It is our first goal to fill this gap and to provide these information to people free of charge.

We will always be open to support and assistance from you as we progress on this point because we know that we can not go one step further without you.

We do not have consulting fees.

We will take this information from specialists who have mastered the subject from their profession and share it with our followers.

visatv.co.uk is not affiliated with any group, business, consulting firm, law firm. It has a completely autonomous working principle and is a social practice.

VISATV.CO.UK is now online with a simple, real, free, up-to-date publication in which you can find solutions to your wishes and problems. The accurate and honest information for you.

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