London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the fire in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower as a “preventable accident”.

President Khan described the cause of the fire as ‘years of negligence’ by government officials and the City Council. Khan said the fire was a national disaster that required national responsibility.

A fire broke out on Wednesday (June 14th) in the 24-storey Grenfell Tower, a municipality located in London’s wealthy suburb of Kensington. Many families became homeless in the fire when 79 people lost their lives.

A Turkish family resident in the building was hospitalized as a wounded person. The injured family stated that they were in good condition and visited by the Turkish Consul General of London in the hospital to say get well soon.

British Prime Minister Theresa May declared her deep regret for the tragic deaths of London fire. The prime minister visited the spot where the fire occurred and received notice from the authorities.

79 casualties in Preventable accident-1

Among the visitors to the burning building were the English singer Adele. During the visit the artist could not hold her tears.

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There are 120 apartments in the 24-floor building. The building was built in 1974, and was then extensively renovated. It is believed that the material that is covered in the exterior walls during the renovation may have led to the fire, and the examinations are continuing.